The Decision

One of boldest newspaper in Jakarta – personally, I think this is the best newspaper in Indonesia – The Jakarta Post (Jakpost), declares that they’re endorsing Jokowi in the 3rd Indonesian presidential election. When the things became so crucial, we should take our decision to the best choice – borrowing Jakpost’s opening line on ‘Endorsing Jokowi’ – “there is no such thing as being neutral when the stakes are so high.” Taking side doesn’t mean you’re contravene with independency. Independency itself is way different than being neutral. When being neutral is choosing to not to take a side, independency brings you to stand on the right side, that is Jokowi. However, what I want to discuss in this writing is not about the announcement of Jakarta Post. Rather than that, I would like to focus on why we have to hand over our future to the right one. The day when we stab the nail in a ballot paper, more or less, indirectly determine of direction where Indonesia will be going.

I am not into less evil choice -ism to be a reason for my decision to choose Jokowi. Rather than that, for all kinds of reason, I put moral choice on the top of my reason why I am also supporting Jokowi. Indonesia at the crossroads. The fear of the chaotic of ’98 always haunting my childhood memories and I bet many people feel the same. The collective memories talk indeed. How vandalism, raping, kidnapping, human rights fallacies, and many other riot than happen caused by political upheaval at that day. New Order always be a nightmare, freedom can’t be taken for granted.

Black marks of New Order has been embedded in our head. Leaving the pros and cons, the truth is, Prabowo Subianto has responsibility to that dark era. He was known as a former Rose Team Leader, a team that had judged guilty of kidnappings many activists. The team has hid behind words “for their conscience, the state and nation”, while it seems to be for preserve the seat that Soeharto and fam sitting on. The other human right cases also brought the name of that former Special Forces Commander such as a village called Krakas, some 300 km from the capital Dili, in the district of Viqueque.

No wonder if the more numbers of (families & friends) victims are shouting loudly about human rights towards Prabowo Subianto before the election. It’s all about momentum, oportuneness, timeliness, and proximity. Fine if Prabowo assumes it is a negative campaign, while afterall, that is a fact, not a slander, nor a black campaign. But there is no other opportunity as good as this time, to reveal who Prabowo is.

Do not forget to mention Hatta Rajasa, whose being his own vice presidential. As well as Prabowo, Hatta Rajasa has a dark past. And a bad blue print too. In short, he is one of few figures that support to Bay Benoa (Bali) Reclamation, a project that destroyed coral reefs, mangrove forest, and other nature malfunctions. Also do not forget to his colleagues & coalition such as Aburizal Bakrie (head of Lapindo that spreaded mud flow in Sidoarjo & head of television stations & newspaper that oftenly broke journalism code of ethics), PKS & FPI, a hard-line Islamic group that conduct many numerous intolerant cases, and so on.

Prabowo Subianto itself as a person has being sufficient for me to not to give a single piercing on his photograph of ballot paper. I don’t give a rat ass to the person that has involved into many human rights cases. He made many traumatic to many mothers that hoping their lost-sons/daughters are back to the home, dropped the tears of many wifes and childs. The matter point is, it will be a big sin to hand over our future upon his bloodied hand. I don’t deign at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Jokowi and his team is a perfect choice. His inner circle is dangerous as well as Prabowo. The names like Hendripriyono and Wiranto are not a good guy. The first one deemed as a brain killer of Munir and responsible for genocide in Lampung. The second one also had many problematiques in human right issues such as riot, May ’98, and Santa Cruz genocide, in Dili, Timor Leste. Looking for Megawati, I realizing something. Back at 2009, she ran to be one of the presidential candidate with Prabowo. She also puts Hendripriyono in important position in PDIP. At one point, I am less comfortable with Jusuf Kalla’s statement in a controversial documentary-movie, Act of Killing. He stated that we need to legalize gangster to get things done.

The main reason why I stand on him is because hope. There is no hope in bloodied-hand leader, but there is a glimmer hope in clean-hand leader. Known as down-to-earth person, humble, and uncorrupt mayor based on his track record, why we should give him an occassion? He has not a business dynasties, his parents is a farmer.

His weakness is he thinks that everybody is good buddies. He was barely new, naive, and lack of political experience. So he never thought that there are many enemies who wants to bring him down. But, that’s why I support him. His innocent attitude never make him into wrongly decision. He was born in a lower class society, his heart of all that he did was to society. Back in Solo and now lead in Jakarta as a governor, his works could be felt by public. Therefore, I would like to say, only Jokowi could bring a change to Indonesia.

“we are morally bound to not stand by and do nothing. We do not expect our endorsement to sway votes. But we cannot idly sit on the fence when the alternative is too ominous to consider.”

(Jakarta Post, Jul 4th, 2014, on Endorsing Jokowi)

Indonesia no need to feel the damage again as hurtful as ’98. No need. Now, we get our freedom, not for free, not cheaply, not easily. Reformation, bureaucracy, and democracy that we breathe today can’t be hand over to the bloodied hand one. No I won’t.  We reach the fundamental stage. We know who had rotted down to the roots. We know the seed that still can be repaired. We knew it. A bulk of immoral track record on the left side candidate was clearly enough for me to not giving my ticket. Aftermath, I left the left side. Right here, right now, I stand on the right side.